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The Cup Story

I am sure every Indian (well almost, or let me downsize it to the average tambrahm) wants to wake up and have a cup of hot steaming filter kaapi server in “stainless steel dabara-tumbler set” with a dose of morning news via the newspaper.


Image from Google for representation


This tradition has not changed, but when that average Indian goes into the corporate world, he wants to use the single-use plastic cups for the coffee and tea, because
1. It is what others are doing
2. It is a hassle to bring your own mugs/tumblers to the office (or is it?)
3. The laziness to wash it post drinking the coffee/tea.

But how much of plastic are we throwing away! I do not want to talk about others but myself. I had brought my own cup but for the lazy piece of work that I am to do #3, I started using the paper cups in my office.

I drink anywhere about 5-6 cups of tea/coffee per day in office and I double up my paper cups because they are not very sturdy / sometimes leak. So that is about 12 cups per day.

Let us do some math here, for a year with 20 working days per month I am using up approximately 2880 PAPER CUPS.!!!!

This is simply crazy. Also, think about all the plastic lining that is on the paper cups to keep the insulation and what harm it would have done to my gastric lining all these days without notice.

I have now decided to ditch the paper cups and use my own reusable mugs. I am not making a big change but hey I am saving 2880 cups per year!


3 thoughts on “The Cup Story”

  1. Huhu…. I use a ceramic cup at office most of the time. But for my morning ginger tea I still use the paper cup in which it is served. This is something that has been bothering me from long. So I am going to pledge with you to start taking my own cup for that morning sip from now on.


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